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  • Acrylic Plastic Sheets

    Properties of Plastic Sheets Sheets are seventeen times as strong as glass, making a great substitute for glass. They also weigh half as much as an equivalent size of glass. Since they are more durable and less breakable than glass, they are a safer substitute for glass. Perspex sheets are also ...
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  • The Insider Scoop on a Vacuum Formable Plastic Sheet

    What are vacuum formable plastic sheets and the process behind them? Vacuum formable plastic sheets are made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC), an affordable and extremely strong manufacturing product. As a result, it offers superior impact resistance, high stiffness and durability, not to mention co...
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  • PVC Pipes – Types of PVC Pipes and Their Usage

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), is a thermoplastic polymer or a vinyl polymer constructed of repeating vinyl groups. PVC is widely used in construction industry because it is cheap, durable, and easy to assemble. PVC was discovered at least twice in the 19th century, at first by Henri Victor Regnault ...
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  • Why Do People Prefer PVC Pipes For Various Purposes

    Pipe materials range from ceramic ad fiberglass to metals, plastic and combinational materials. PVC pipes are made from plastic and vinyl and possess a number of qualities useful for different types of applications. In fact, pipes made from PVC are most commonly used in the applications like wat...
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  • PVC Pipes Measurements

    Versatile Pipes PVC (or Polyvinyl chloride) pipes are one of the multipurpose materials for building and construction. Since the varying purposes, there are a lot of standard measurements or sizes available to check or verify in order to choose the right dimension for a certain project. Some of ...
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