New products for 2020: new products peeking into the residential market

Two major flooring exhibitions started this year, TISE and Domotex in the United States. TISE will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from January 27th to 30th. Domotex USA will be held at the Georgia World Convention Center in Atlanta from February 5th to 7th. In addition, many flooring manufacturers did not participate in these exhibitions. Their introduction is also highlighted here. This year, the Las Vegas market, which includes carpet exhibitors from many regions, overlaps with TISE, which will be held at the World Market Center from January 26th to 30th. These exhibitions are collaborating so that participants can use a variety of home decorations, carpets and gifts. A free shuttle service will be provided between the venues. Converge, the reformatted educational course of TISE, will last for the second year, providing participants with options that float between three areas: suits, with a focus on business; creative materials with A&D community focus; and Hammer + Nails, with a focus on Install the program. A change from last year is that Converge is only held in the first half of each day, so that participants have time to cover the exhibition floor or communicate. There are 27 speakers on the education list. The Domotex USA 2019 exhibition at the Hannover Fair attracted 5,130 attendees. As of December 2019, the number of registrations for the 2020 exhibition has reached 5,100. Domotex USA has added its educational products for the second year in a row, and there are many thought leaders in the speaker lineup: Denise Lee Yohn, best-selling author and brand expert; Alan Beaulieu, international economic analyst and director of the Trends Institute; Commodities and Consumers Participating expert James Dion is the founder and president of Dionco, Inc. SOFT SURFACE Shaw brand’s Anderson Tuftex-TISE booth 2037, Domotex booth 1603 Anderson Tuftex will display its Artifact series. In this series, there are three different series, which provide both wide-width fabrics and engineered wood. Everyone represents a culture from different parts of the world. The series will be available in March. As the name suggests, the Terra series embodies the characteristics found in nature, especially the earthy texture of Mexico. It has four wide-width weaving patterns and one engineered wood product. In addition, Kindred is a series influenced by the trip to the top of Machu Picchu. It has three wide loom styles and two wood products. The yin design is derived from the Chinese concept of yin and yang, and offers seven wide loom styles and two types of wood. The company has also added three new soft surfaces and a type of wood to its Classics series. These products will be available in April this year. Mohawk-TISE booth 5803 Mohawk will highlight two new Airo Broadloom series. These presentations will include solid high volume, chip texture and multi-color texture with ColorMax technology for maximum color clarity and enhanced cleanliness. Airo does not contain latex. According to the company, its uniform structure does not absorb water, thereby inhibiting the growth of allergens. The company believes that Airo’s structure provides 50% more airflow than traditional carpets, and can release more dust, dirt and pet dander when vacuuming. Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk program will launch a new interactive anchor display for 2,000 major retailers. In addition, the expansion of SmartStrand Silk will include a total of six new products, including five products using ColorMax technology, as well as a heavy pattern of the same color and multiple colors. Mohawk is previewing a new EverStrand Soft Appeal soft polyester carpet product line. The product line will launch 9 new products, including 4 high-quality super soft solid and same color carpets, and two solid and same color textures. Carpet and three multi-level patterns of the same color. The EverStrand series is also expanding to provide more styles, including five ring-grain carpets of different structures and weights, and currently 25 styles have been added. EverStrand brand carpet uses an average of 63 recycled plastic bottles per square yard. In 2019, the Mohawks recycled 6.6 billion plastic bottles, enough to wrap the earth more than 33 times. Karastan-TISE booth 5803 Karastan will showcase its new products of SmartStrand, wool and Kashmere nylon. The company’s SmartStrand Silk, using ColorMax technology, provides two new appearances: refined details and polished details. SmartStrand Ultra will be presented with two-layer ribbon decoration and modern style tones. Karastan will launch two new wool products. Modern Framework is a multi-color clustered style, which is also a cluster of complex details with tailored precise patterns. Kashmere nylon with ColorMax technology will show Magnetic Beauty in multiple colors. The company’s Kashmere nylon production line is being expanded to include four new appearances. Fashion aesthetics is a modern design in neutral tones of taupe and gray. The modern effect is a contemporary design, reminiscent of distressed stone or concrete. The elegant details use a striped bark pattern. The exquisite heritage has a large cross-hatch pattern. Godfrey Hirst-TISE Booth 5803 Godfrey Hirst will provide nine updates in SmartStrand, EverLux nylon and wool categories, as well as a redesigned sales system. In the introduction of SmartStrand, there is Chic Appeal, which is a tailor-made high-distortion ribbon. The charming edges combine the visual effects of diamonds and parquet floors; the classic frame is a large-scale interpretation of Celtic knots; and the modern texture, a subtle geometric tone pattern. Newly added products in the EverLux series include Graceful Intrigue, and ColorMax. The company will also launch a new ColorMax pattern with a modern-style diamond grid. In the tufted wool category, Godfrey Hirst will debut the herringbone Alderney. Berber Vogue 2, the traditional mixed color horizontal cycle; and Collanmore, which is a comfortable chunky large loop wool. Stanton Carpet-TISE booth 6047 Stanton Carpet will display its Ticking Stripe II carpet under the Crescent brand. This series is a hand-woven, flat-woven wide loom made of 100% New Zealand wool, with simple and delicate stitch-like patterns with colorful spots. The Privee Prisma from Rosecore provides a gradual effect in a wide palette. The pattern is available in six colors, representing wide stripes. Privee Prisma is made of high-quality wool and high-quality nylon blends, hand-woven and hand-cut, with a classic atmosphere. Engineered Flooring-TISE Booth 403 will display Aberdeen, which is a feature product of the new DW Select series. This product marks the unveiling of the company’s patented twistX yarn system. Aberdeen is influenced by nature and uses color and texture to create exquisite natural softness. Mahogany is inspired by the coastline of Northern California, and its beauty is combined with the sharp contrast of natural elements. Colors, textures and patterns blend together to create a calm and strong appearance. Craftsmen also use rich taupe colors and rhythmic textures based on natural elements to create patterns that seem to be handmade. Dixie Group-TISE booth 6255, Domotex booth 1913 The Dixie Group will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. This year’s exhibition will include a timetable showing the transition from yarn manufacturers and suppliers to carpet companies to flooring companies. The company is expanding its EnVision66 nylon program to the three divisions of Dixie Home, Masland and Fabrica, with a wide range of prices and visual effects, from basic cut pile to multicolor patterns and coils. Dixie is expected to launch 15 to 20 styles. The technology series will be launched in the high-end Fabrica series, using various visual effects made of EnVision66 nylon or Strongwool yarn system. This series combines abstract patterns with color and texture elements to form a visual effect similar to weaving. The Fabrica display system is being renewed with a new black and gray finish. With this update, Dixie will complete product updates for all three of its divisions in the past two years. Southwind Carpet-TISE booth No. 2215, Southwind introduced several soft surface products, these products use its proprietary So Soft solution dyed PET technology to make various weights and structures. For example, Turning Point uses solid texture and hair bar yarn design, while Odyssey uses a mixture of So Soft solution dyed PET yarn to create seven colors. The mosaic design has a combination of tones and cross-colored barbershop pole yarns, and there are nine colors to choose from. The filigree is designed with a random grid pattern, with a total of 9 colors of pure color/tweed coloring. Southwind’s Celestial series uses So Soft PET and the new ColorSurgeSD yarn for 100% solution dyeing, and has two designs: Orion is a precisely cut and uncut carpet-like structure with textured hairdressing poles; Mori seat The cut pile shape is combined with the accents of the hair bar and ColorSurgeSD yarn. Couristan-TISE booth 6033 Couristan plans to launch 10 new regional carpet series and 34 new residential wide carpet products. Falsterbo and Byzantine’s Prairie series are made of 100% polyester woven base fabric and non-slip base fabric made in China. These designs imitate various digitally printed patterns of cowhide. The company’s Vibrata series in Grossbr and Multi-Pastels in Turkey are a mixture of 60% dyed viscose fiber and 40% shrink polyester fiber. The dynamic series offers a range of modern and modern traditions, and uses a variety of watercolor tones. Phoenix-TISE Booth 1437 Phoenix is ​​expanding its modern silhouette collection through elegance and weft. The elegant design pays homage to the modern farmhouse and is layered with the texture of brick patterns. The weft thread is a grid of circular thick block patterns with texture levels, with eight warm and cool colors, inspired by Hygge’s comfortable lifestyle. The company also introduced a new type of nylon called SureSoftSDN in its Desire series. The Desire pattern has natural-looking stripes and is enhanced by tonal highlights. It has 9 color combinations. Foss-Domotex booth 2233 is on the Foss floor. Grizzly Grass is a new type of building imitating artificial grass. The product has two forms: wide and tile. The tile has the company’s peel and stick support system, which simplifies the installation process and can be installed on any surface, including carpets. It is also 100% waterproof, and the drying time is only a fraction of that of traditional artificial grass. All Foss Floors products are made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles recycled in USHARD SURFACE. Mannington Mills-TISE booth 1309, Mannington will display its latest product in the Restoration laminate series Anthology, which combines the appearance of white oak, hickory and maple. This is Mannington’s first laminate floor pattern, with 20 unique wooden board visual effects. Now, the entire Restoration series are equipped with Mannington’s proprietary SpillShieldPlus technology. Mannington also highlighted three new Adura LVTs: Baltic Stone is a weathered soapstone pattern; Kona has a unique acacia appearance with only 6 inches x 48 inches wood panels. and Manor captures the elements of mid-century modern design with a white walnut pattern, and only has 71/4″ x48″ wood panels. The new product of sheet vinyl products is Miramar, which is a kind of marble appearance with a unique rhombus geometric design, subtle textures and soft color changes. One of the newest members of the Latitude series, Park City is a hardwood with thinly sliced ​​white oak planks that use 71/2 inch wide planks and grow to an extra-long length of 7′. US Floors-TISE booth 1737, Domotex booth 1617 US Floors are launching two new Coretec products. The Premium Grande is 82 inches long and is currently the largest WPC board on the market. It comes in two colors: Makkah Oak and Willis Oak. Coretec Stone’s new products are bright black gray light gray Amaya and rich charcoal Levana with white abrasion marks. American Birtrite-TISE booth 807 American Birtrite will launch two new products. Ultra-Ceramic Contract is an engineering gem, made with patent-pending technology, with 12 classic patterns of rectangles and squares. Its Sonata Elements LVT series combines carpet-like tiles and striped tiles, consisting of five cool and warm neutral base colors, supplemented by ten colorful linear patterns. Mohawk-TISE booth 5803 Mohawk’s RevWood laminate series will debut in four A series of new species with visual effects and exquisite colors, coupled with a new enhanced display system, can accommodate 70 SKU RevWood Select and RevWood Plus. The four new RevWood Select and RevWood Plus series (19 SKUs in total) have clearer visual effects and a more refined appearance in the character maple and hickory design. The new colors will include coastal style shades, pure natural, light beige, warm gray and copper. According to the company, Mohawk has expanded its SolidTech Plus luxury vinyl flooring production line, which is now 100% manufactured in the United States. Franklin (Franklin) and Thatcher (Thatcher) have two series, a total of 18 new styles will be added, from light gray to dark brown. Mohawk launched Pergo Extreme Rigid LVT to professional retailers nationwide in the spring of 2019. The line will expand assets and enhance Go Life advertising campaigns in 2020. And the slogan “High Performance Runs Deep” will get a brand new visual marketing tool. Karastan-TISE booth 5803 After 90 years of only producing soft surface products, Karstan launched the Karastan BelleLuxe hardwood production line and launched a diversified luxury floor brand. LuxeCraft luxury vinyl series. BelleLuxe’s ​​Chevreaux and Ashmore Oak series products are all harvested from French oak in the Forest of Tronçais, inspired by the tradition of French winemakers. Worthington Oak and Worthington Herringbone are made from European oak, with smaller rings and cleaner texture patterns. The characteristic of Villapoint Maple is that the European maple has a compact texture pattern. LuxeCraft’s refined forest is inspired by weathered fences, cork cypress and hickory, and features mineral stripes and texture patterns. Treasured Grove is inspired by mineral-rich waters, fallen old trees and logs from old barn beams. The design of Curated Grain is inspired by hardwood, aged white oak and bar wood preserved in a historic house in Alabama. Metroflor-TISE Booth 1529 and 2057 HMTX’s Metroflor will showcase its new products at two different booths. Its Engage Genesis and Engage Inception products can be found in the Herregan distributor’s booth (1529), and Metroflor’s LVT with Attraxion technology will be displayed in the Magnetic Building Solutions booth (2057). The company will preview the new Verçade concept with Attraxion. Metroflor Engage Genesis will launch Fashion House, which was previewed at NeoCon last year, featuring the company’s proprietary Isocore rigid core foundation, which includes wood parquet floors and large tiles. Patterns include herringbone, flower basket weaving, herringbone and square tiles. Metroforms (under the Metroflor LVT banner) with Attraxion magnetic technology has been previewed on NeoCon and won the Best of NeoCon Innovation Award, and is now entering the market. The new LVT system is licensed by Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS) to quickly install floors on MBS’s MagBuild magnetic underlayer without the need for locking systems or adhesives. Metroforms has a variety of pre-cut shapes to achieve custom appearances, such as starburst, herringbone and flower basket weaving. American OEM-Domotex booth 1301 American OEM will focus on introducing its new WetWorx technology. Now, all hardwoods made of Hearthwood are protected by WetWorx Splatter and Spill Guard. This new technology can protect all six sides of each Hearthwood board from daily mess. Firmfit-TISE Booth 1209 FirmFit launched a new XXL 72-inch synchronized embossed wood panel and a new XXL 24″x24″ tile design, and launched Tenacity, a PVC-free waterproof click product. It can be installed seamlessly on a large surface (maximum 10,000 square feet) without any transition, can be installed in all indoor spaces, and the kitchen island is placed directly on the top. Toughness has TriTec coating, anti-scratch, anti-fouling and wear-resistant coating. Daltile-TISE booth 5603 will showcase its new RevoTile, which is a patented tile floating floor system that can be installed twice as fast as traditional tiles, saving time and money. The installation of RevoTile is divided into three steps: placing the lining; clicking the tiles together; and grouting. After grouting, the perimeter will be sealed and treated as a waterproof floor system. It has 26 kinds of marble, wood, stone and concrete appearance. The Bee Hive product line will be expanded with the smaller version of the previous product, including three-dimensional cubes in a medium-sized hexagon, sunrise patterns and color blocks. These visual effects bring visual appeal to the concrete monochromatic field. Astronomy is inspired by observations of deep space and uses anti-skid technology with a frosted limestone appearance. The thread has a silvery gray tone. Marazzi-TISE booth 5603 Marazzi will display its Artezen collection, inspired by handmade ceramics with undulating surfaces and translucent glazes. It has two geometric shapes (hexagonal and pointed) and a more traditional mosaic shape. Artezen has a neutral color, as well as a sparkling bronze metallic color and two blues. Coastal Effects molten glass mosaic has four color combinations from sapphire blue to rich onyx. There are vivid tones, small pickets, large pickets and lattice shapes. GeoMetal is a bold metal wall tile with a 3D structure of 6″x6″, hexagonal mosaic and harlequin mosaic, in colors ranging from champagne, bronze, bronze to brushed nickel. Johnson Hardwood-TISE Booth 2049 Johnson Hardwood will launch two new engineered wood series at TISE, and a new solid hardwood series and two rigid LVT (SPC) series will be launched later in 2020. The Saga Villa series uses 6-inch long soft grains, randomly sawn American maple, and triple hand-dyed layered colors. The Grand Chateau series provides a clean look of soft taupe and natural tan, random length, and 12 shades. The Skyview SPC series adopts a wide plank form, with realistic embossed wood texture and modern and fashionable colors. The new Public House series combines rustic charm and retro vibe, in 8 colors from gray to brown. MSInternational-TISE booth 4525 MSI will showcase its new Braxton series, which features a 10-inch x 40-inch format of wooden texture planks and four neutral colors for floors and walls. The Andover series of the Everlife LVT series provides 100% waterproof products and is protected by the 20 mil commercial version of CrystalLux (a highly protective wear layer). Andover is available in a variety of wood styles, with custom-designed painted chamfered edges, locking system and pre-attached backing. MSI’s Waterjet Cut Mosaics series products have been expanded to include more choices of glass and marble. Designed specifically for walls, floors and backsplashes, the new products range from hexagons to arabesques to floral patterns and retro patterns. AHF Products-TISE Tradewinds E AHF is transitioning its entire production line of engineered hardwood to its new Densitek core, which is a high-performance composite material that has higher resistance than traditional plywood cores. Concavity and faster installation speed, natural fiber 100% wood veneer. The conversion of domestic engineered hardwood to Densitek core for all AHF products will be completed in March 2020, including a series of brands such as Bruce, Hartco, Capella and Robbins. I4F-TISE booth 3070, Domotex booth 1433 I4F now offers its patented cluster concept, The licensee is allowed to choose a patent or a group of patents and make the selection in a completely transparent manner. In its cluster of materials and panels, I4F showcased three innovations, including heat-resistant magnesia wood veneer panels and a floor with grouting function to create realistic and visible seams. For healthcare and manufacturer settings, I4F flooring materials can maintain uniform conductivity for static control, and can be used with all types of adhesives and substrates. The company is releasing its digital printed floor as a completely independent cluster. For its surface treatment cluster, I4F provides a matte surface treatment, which can reduce light reflection, improve surface performance and require less maintenance. The company will also enter the market with a manufacturing process cluster that prevents adhesive and ink marks, helps reduce claims and is easy to integrate. In addition, it also provides a new LevioTech optimized extrusion process for rigid polymers, which can increase productivity and save 15% of materials. Phenix-TISE Booth 1437 Phenix will launch its new rigid core products, called Tempo Stone and Calacatta. Tempo Stone is a Corex rigid core waterproof SPC with a natural stone appearance. It has a painted beveled edge. Calacatta has a chic and classic appearance, representing the rich white and gold of Italian marble. Forbo-TISE Booth 2857 Forbo is expanding its popular 10″x40″ Flotex modular wood panel series and adding three new designs: marble, linen and reclaimed wood. The surface of the textile board is made of flocked nylon 6,6. Flotex Modular has anti-fouling and anti-fouling functions and is 100% waterproof. Supplier Information North America Schönox-TISE booth 4719 Schönox will announce the winners of its sixth annual worst flooring competition during the exhibition and will showcase several products, including its AP Rapid Plus Hybrid Active-Dry Technology. The self-leveling compound is designed for use in internal spaces, suitable for pumping concrete, plaster, old floors, OSB, plywood, wood floors, etc., and can level the substrate under a flexible covering. DriTac-TISE booth 4337, Domotex booth 1514 DriTac will display its 8408 PowerTread premium 8mm rubber floor for gluing and floating installation, in roll or brick form. PowerTread is made from 100% post-consumer waste and is designed for high-impact sports floors. It is very durable, non-slip and able to absorb high impact sounds and shocks. It has a variety of colors and custom colors, and you can also choose a custom thickness. DriTac 8801 CoverGuard is a 1.85 mm semi-ridged foam that provides scratch and dent protection for newly installed floors and surfaces to prevent damage during and during installation. DriTac 2500 SG, 2600 LVT-CT and 2700 VCT SprayTac are water-based elastic spray adhesives used to install approved sheets in commercial and residential flooring applications, luxury vinyl tiles/wood boards and carpets, and vinyl synthetic tiles. QFloors-TISE booth 457 QFloors officially launched its QPro POS+ software on the first day of TISE. This browser-based cloud software aims to make affordable, feasible, time-saving automation for every floor dealer of any size. It can be used on any device with Internet connection. Surpassing Shaw Shaw’s soft surface Shaw Industries will introduce its new products to the market in various ways. Its Anderson Tuftex and US Floors brands will unveil the new series at the regional shows of TISE, Domotex USA and Shaw. The Shaw Flooring brand and Philadelphia Commercial will only be exhibited in the company’s regional exhibitions. By 2020, Shaw Floors’ Bellera series will receive ten new styles, updated merchandise sales and an emphasis on pets, offering PET fiber, LifeGuard splash-proof backing and R2X anti-fouling and anti-fouling properties. The new styles include casual neutral and popular small-size patterns, and have natural and hand-inspired visual effects. In addition to the new style, Shaw will also introduce new online and in-store experiences. Shaw redesigned the caress series inspired by the global travel experience of the Shaw Floors product design team, with novel patterns and a perfect balance of fresh and rich tones. In addition, all new Caress styles have standard LifeGuard splash backing and Anso nylon. Shaw’s DIY Floorigami sticky carpets and wood panels will introduce a series of distressed patterns and comfortable shags, which have coordinated color lines and multi-functional tones, and even have a sisal-style visual effect. Selected hardwoods provide five hand-selected oak slice styles. The Repel Hardwood series will be added in two new styles in 2020, namely High Plains and Exploration Oak. High Plains is a wire brushed pecan with a low gloss, pop color. The clean visual effect of Exploration Oak has a soft brushed texture to enhance the texture and form a simple Nordic style floor. The latest waterproof innovation of the Floorté Elite Series by Shaw Floors uses a PVC-free mineral core and technology to prevent pet nails and other scratches. Floorté Elite Series is inspired by global travel, with high-profile design and refined color palette. The inaugural style Prodigy HDR Plus has new HDR embossing and additional Soft Silence sound insulation pads, and the line is available in ten colors. The new WPC styles in the Floorté Classic series include Allegiance Plus, Distinction Plus and Goliath Plus. Allegiance Plus is manufactured in the United States and comes in 15 colors and two styles: grated and accented. Distinction Plus blends a lighter, cleaner, and forward-looking appearance. Goliath Plus provides ten rich and diverse oak and pine visual effects. FloortéPro series SPC series will add three styles in 2020, namely Tenacity HD Plus, Paragon XL HD Plus and Paragon Tile Plus. Tenacity HD Plus uses a Mediterranean-style geometric wooden visual effect in a 7-inch x 48-inch plank, which can withstand high traffic and extreme conditions. Paragon XL HD Plus combines European white oak and clean walnut wood in an extra-long 7” x72” plank for high-definition printing. Paragon Tile Plus is a 12-inch x 24-inch tile with the advantage of quick and easy installation of luxury vinyl. Philadelphia store soft surface Philadelphia store will launch five carpet products for the mainstream market, as well as two wide carpet products, providing attractive designs at reasonable prices. Fiber Arts is a carpet series that brings the warmth of the home into the commercial environment. The Futurist series has dynamic and simple visual effects, and there are two sizes to choose from, each style has 12 colors. Code Breakers uses Shaw’s Unlimited technology, so tiles can be installed in various ways without any restrictions and without many dye problems. Practical’s carpet tile platform is designed for use in previously expensive tile spaces. Profusion Tile can be used alone or in combination to create a more dynamic visual effect, designed for light to moderate commercial traffic. Philadelphia’s latest wide loom style Profusion with pivot fibers is a three-color horizontal ring designed to simplify maintenance. The basic series provides three styles with texture visual effects, distressed patterns and shadow angles. Philadelphia Commercial Hard Surfaces Philadelphia’s main street hard surface products now include three new elastic series. Alchemist has strong industrial concrete visual effects and metal decoration, which is specially designed for spaces with a large number of people. The 36 inch x 36 inch tile format comes with a 5 mm thick platform and ExoGuard + finish. Alchemist elastic materials can be installed directly under most floors and require very little floor preparation. The Philosopher’s Tree series is designed for high-flow spaces and noise reduction. The 9″ x63″ plank has three visual effects and comes with ExoGuard + coating. Purview made in the United States is a direct-adhesive LVT with a simple, clean appearance and classic colors. This commercial-grade product has two thicknesses of 2.5mm and 5mm. MirageMirage will launch the DreamVille series, which uses matte finishes and high-texture floors made of rich natural wood. The series is named after some of the “most dreamy towns” in the United States and is made of matte matte oak and maple wood engraved with color and texture changes. DuraMatt X brings seven new colors. DuraMatt X is a highly abrasion-resistant matte finish that enhances the natural appearance of wood through texture and character marks. ArmstrongFlooring Armstrong flooring will launch Unbound Luxury Flooring with Diamond 10 technology, a 5mm product that can seamlessly transition to carpet in adjacent spaces. This new product will provide 27 designs and colors, including wood, concrete and textile visual effects as well as large format designs of 9″x59″ wood planks and 36″x36″ tiles. The company’s Natural Creations luxury flooring also uses Diamond 10 technology, and is undergoing design updates for its Mystix and ArborArt series of products. Mystix has textiles and texture coverings ranging from soft neutral to bright tones, while ArborArt contains warm and inviting wood visual effects. The updated features of these series include new soothing colors and bright dark pigments. Armstrong Flooring will also introduce new options in residential vinyl sheet products using Diamond 10 technology. These will include many popular design options, such as high-contrast decorative bricks, stone chevrons and wooden chevrons. Earthwerks Earthwerks will launch a new selection of 14 waterproof core products. Now, Earthwerks Core products have enhanced padding to better absorb sound and provide comfort under the feet, with a total of 54 SKUs. Parkhill Plus EIR is the company’s latest 7mm WPC series, with four dynamic colors, register embossing, cushion lining, 20 mil wear layer and enhanced performance in waterproof wood panels. The 6.5 mm WPC Sherbrooke Plus is designed to complement the Core series products and provide waterproof wood panels with a 12 mil wear layer. Tavern Plus provides a 5mm Direct Overlay SPC structure in the Core series. The 7-inch x 48-inch waterproof board with cushion comes in six colors. Cali Cali has launched its new series, Cali Vinyl Pro with silent pad, with silent pad. The vinyl plank consists of a commercial grade 20 mil wear layer. Cali Vinyl Pro provides 12 coastal theme styles. Laticrete In February of this year, Laticrete will launch Spectralock 1, which is a pre-mixed, anti-fouling grout with epoxy resin properties. Laticrete will also enter the market with its Vapor Ban Primer ER (ASTM F-3010-compliant, epoxy-based all-in-one moisture barrier and primer). In the next step, its Hydro Ban shower tray has multiple interlocking parts for easy transportation and size adjustment, while the Hydro Ban shower tray kit can provide a cost-effective system for shower waterproofing products, thus providing everything needed for shower installation. Finally, its NXT Level SP is a kind of coarse sand, polishable, cemented self-leveling concrete exterior wall, which is very suitable for new construction and maintenance of high-flow areas. Copyright 2020 Floor Focus
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