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Valmet will provide a new OptiConcept M container board production line for Guangdong Shanying Paper in Zhaoqing, China, which will have a wide range of automated packaging. The new cardboard production line (PM 52) will produce high-grade kraft paper lining paper and expand Shanying Paper’s business to Guangdong. The value of the order will not be disclosed.
PM No. 52 is the Shanying Huazhong PM 21 paper machine (started in December 2019) and PM 23 (started in September 2020) delivered immediately after the Optiyingcept M cardboard production line. In addition, Valmet also provided another five paperboard machine production lines to Shanying International. PM 52 is scheduled to start at the end of 2021.
Valmet’s products delivered for PM 52 will include a high-speed container board production line from waste collection to reel and winder. It also includes the OptiFlo Foudrinier headbox for the production of high-quality substrates, the OptiFormer Multi forming part and the OptiPress linear press part, followed by the OptiSizer film gluing machine, the OptiCalender hard calender and the OptiReel linear reeling machine, combined with transport guides, OptiCart Stream mother roll cart, an OptiWin drum two-drum rewinder and an OptiWin drum two-drum rewinder.
The 9,300mm wide (line) board machine will produce the top lining grade of kraft paper. The design speed of the machine will be 1,200 m/min, with a daily production capacity of approximately 1,920 tons.
Guangdong Shanying Paper has several packaging paper and newspaper production lines, producing boxboard, high-strength corrugated paper, business card paper, newspapers and other products.
Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technology, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.
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Post time: Dec-03-2020
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